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Manhattan LSAT Practice Book I
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Looking for your LSAT practice? The Manhattan LSAT Practice Book I is the ultimate source and the best supplement to The Next 10 Actual, Official Exams book published by the Law School Admission Council. Complete with 10 full LSAT PrepTests, including a majority of recently-administered exams, this book has countless hours of practice for you. Each exam includes an essay topic, answer key, and scoring guide. Note that if you were to buy these 10 tests separately you would pay over $80. This Practice Book includes the following 10 official LSAC PrepTests: PrepTest 41 - October 2003, PrepTest 42 - December 2003, PrepTest 43 - June 2004, PrepTest 44 - October 2004, PrepTest 45 - December 2004, PrepTest 46 - June 2005, PrepTest 47 - October 2005, PrepTest 48 - December 2005, PrepTest 49 - June 2006, PrepTest 50 - September 2006
  • Author: Manhattan LSAT
  • Binding: Paperback
  • EAN: 9781935707783
  • ISBN: 1935707787
  • Label: Manhattan Prep Publishing
  • Manufacturer: Manhattan Prep Publishing
  • Number Of Pages: 418
  • Product Group: Book
  • Publication Date: 1/1/2011
  • Publisher: Manhattan Prep Publishing
  • Studio: Manhattan Prep Publishing

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